About us

Imagine a world….

  • Without cash
  • Where transacting is free
  • Where spending creates value
  • And you are in control


What we offer:

eVoucher.mobi is an eWallet on your phone. Load generic or specific vouchers on your phone (any phone, tablet or PC) and use them to spend at participating retail stores and businesses, even at your local school. eVoucher.mobi is powered by Celbux SA.

eVoucher.mobi resembles a real wallet

  • No transactional fees; Money you put is = value you can spend
  • No minimum balance; My wallet is often empty too
  • I have cash in my wallet; Our Universal eVoucher can be used at all participating stores and businesses
  • I have cards in my wallet; Specific voucher types are used for a specific purpose or store


How the vouchers work:

When purchasing a voucher, select a Voucher Category;

  • A Universal eVoucher that can be used at any participating business or store that accepts eVoucher.mobi vouchers.
  • General Category vouchers, e.g. a Food voucher can be used at any participating food store such as your local groceries store, restaurant or take away. A Medical voucher can be used at pharmacies, doctors, dentists etc.
  • A specific store or business specific vouchers, e.g. a Shoprite voucher which can only be used at Shoprite store.


Where will it work:

  • At the School; Replace all cash transactions in schools with voucher payments; reducing cash handling, administration and fees. Directed spend through our voucher category structures; school specific vouchers, a tuck shop voucher which can only be used at a tuck shop. No more loosing cash and always getting your change.
  • At the Workplace; Replace your petty cash with eVoucher.mobi, a cloud petty cash solution, no cash handing, counting change and reconciling coins. Replace canteen cards and allowances with vouchers. Staff can top-up their own wallets.
  • For Marketing Campaigns; Distribute value to your customers in the form of a voucher, redeemable at your stores only, no distribution cost, no breakage. Complete redemption reporting.
  • For Loyalty Campaigns or Programmes; Vouchers with loyalty activated includes complete loyalty administration. Replace those stamp cards with electronic tracking, give back to your customer in real time the value accruing to him. Provision for the loyalty in your planning and budgets.
  • At Events; Replace entrance tickets, physical vouchers and on site cash with eVoucher.mobi. Integrated reporting increase control and reduces administration. Shared revenue are calculated and settled in real time.
  • For charity donations. Donate a percentage of all purchases received to your favourite charity or school.
  • CSI Distribution; Distribute value directly to the community through eVoucher.mobi. No administration cost or leakage.
  • For Grant Distribution;  Distribute value to registered recipients in specific vouchers types directing spend to specific use, food vouchers, book vouchers, gas or electricity vouchers to name a few.


Who we are:

Touchstone Enterprise Services (Pty) Ltd (Touchstone) is a licensed Distribution Agent of Celbux SA (Pty) Ltd (Celbux). Touchstone owns and operates all the services and support offered under the proprietary brand; eVoucher.mobi.

Celbux owns a proprietary electronic Voucher Distribution Solution which enables the creation and disbursement of a redeemable electronic voucher, which can be presented as an alternative to physical or card based financial tender to merchants when purchasing goods and services from the merchants.

Touchstone owns an electronic Voucher Sales Solution which is integrated to work in conjunction with the Celbux Voucher Distribution Solution to offer a comprehensive voucher distribution and redemption solution.

Touchstone has created a branded environment, consisting of both the Voucher Distribution and Voucher Sales Solutions, from where customers can purchase vouchers from and distribute these vouchers to beneficiaries, enabling the beneficiaries to use these vouchers to purchase goods and services from accredited merchants on the Celbux Voucher Distribution Solution.

 Touchstone facilitates the funding, reporting and settlement of the different sponsors, communities and consumer groups. We also offer training, operational and technical support to our customers as well as comprehensive reporting on funding, all transactions and redemptions.


Merchant benefits:

In our effort to increase spending on the platform and expand the number of customers adopting eVoucher.mobi as part of their daily spend activities, we have created an environment where accredited merchants are positioned to receive a greater share of customers’ disposable income. This share is outside any directed spend facilitated by a sponsor or as example a marketing campaign directing spend to a specific merchant.

eVoucher.mobi includes comprehensive loyalty and rewards functionality allowing merchants to offer additional value to customers (or an elected 3rd party) based on their spending behaviour or the redemption of a specific voucher type.

Implementation requires no additional infrastructure. It is as simple as receipting vouchers on a mobile device, any web connected terminal or we offer a basic API integration to a merchant’s point of sale system.

The solution minimises administration and the costs associated with merchant settlement. We offer merchants a single settlement, aggregating transactions from the various environments, supported by the required detailed remittance.