Sending money
to many people?
Let us do it for you

Step 1

Complete and sign the disbursement agreement.

Click here to download the document

Scan and email to the support team on


Step 2

Your account will be opened, and your username and password emailed and SMS’d to you, including some ‘How To’ information.


Step 3

Create as beneficiary on your bank. Using your Username as a reference when making payment

Account Name:                                        Branch:                   Menlyn Main – 632005
Cheque account:   4089070713
Reference:              [Your Username]
(Please double check that you get this right)

As soon as the funds reflect in the account, it will be allocated to your account and available for disbursement to your beneficiaries.  


Step 4

Send money to one or many people in real time (see “How To” for detail):


Login to your account and send a Goodwill voucher to any cell phone number. They receive their voucher immediately and can spend at participating retailers.


Email a list of cell phone numbers and values you want to send voucher to. We will process the list on your behalf, provided  there are adequate funds in your account.